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Are you ready for the Holidays?

I learned the hard way about shopping early for the holidays when I owned an Italian Deli.

If I did not put some special orders in by April I would not receive products until after the holidays. I could not imagine having my Italian Deli in these times. I was in a rural area with the largest city over 5 hour away. I would have to order a whole pallet of goods for my marketplace. Freight alone was $700. I had to bundle my orders and save special things for the holidays. I really had to think ahead.

The holidays season brings more customers who are not only buying for themselves.

Many are looking for nostalgic and meaningful gifts to spend their hard earned money on. People are expecting to spend money in store or online.

Are you, your products or services standing out?

Your annual budget should include marketing.

Market early to get the word out.

Make it a big deal.

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